How to find the motherboard model on your PC

Whether you are using a laptop or a desktop PC, sometimes you might need to know the exact model of the motherboard. Say that you want to upgrade the hardware, or you want to find the respective drivers online, the first step is to find out what the exact motherboard model is.

At first, the basics. Do you remember that along with your computer’s box it also had some booklets? These are the manuals of your computer. Somewhere there is the motherboard’s manual and it says the exact model together with all the additional information you might need.

But yeah, you have not kept them.

How To Find The Model Of Your Computer’s Motherboard

So in today’s article, you will see how you can find your motherboard model through Windows without having to open the box. Let the screwdriver down.

Using Speccy

Speccy is a free program for Windows that shows you all the ‘internal’ specifications of your computer. If you have not already installed it, go to the site to download and install it.

In the Speccy’s first tab, in the Summary, you can see the model of the motherboard of your computer.

How to find the motherboard model on your PC

To see even more details of the motherboard, just go to the corresponding tab. Here, in addition to the motherboard model, you’ll see more features like temperature, chipset, BIOS, PCI ports,

How to find the motherboard model on your PC

Using CPU-Z

CPU-Z is also a free and portable Windows tool that can give you the answer to your question. Initially, you will need to download it from the website and then run it.

Once the window opens, you will see the motherboard model on the Mainboard tab.

How to find the motherboard model on your PC

Using the Command Prompt or PowerShell

If you do not want to use a program, there is a command line solution. Although this may sound scary for some.

In a command prompt or PowerShell window, type in the following command.

wmic baseboard get product,manufacturer

How to find the motherboard model on your PC

As you will see, the result of the command immediately displays the motherboard’s model and manufacturer.

So, these were 3 simple ways to find the motherboard model, but there are others. Have you used a different way? If so, tell me the comments.

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