How to rotate photos left or right on Windows

A few days ago, a friend called me to suggest him an easy-to-use image editor (like Photoshop but for beginners). When I asked him what he wanted to do just to be able to offer him a suitable application, he replied that some photos on his PC that took from his smartphone were wrong-oriented, that is, the pictures appear vertically rather than horizontal.

Sometimes, the solution is so simple, it is in common sight and we are looking to make it harder.

What he wants to succeed is to change the orientation of some photos in bulk to appear properly.

How to Rotate Photos / Pictures in Windows 10

It’s really that simple. Open the folder that contains the images, right-click the image, and then select one of the two options, Rotate right or Rotate left.

How to rotate photos left or right on Windows

Repeat the same procedure until the image orientation is in the desired position. The image rotates by 90 degrees every time.

Also, by clicking on an image, you will see that the File Explorer menu changes and allow you to rotate the images from the corresponding icons.

How to rotate photos left or right on Windows

Of course, you can also change the orientation for more than one image. Once all of them have been selected, use either the right-click menu or the File Explorer menu we’ve seen before.

If you have opened an image with Windows 10 Photos app, the process is as easy as pressing the corresponding button on the top right.

How to rotate photos left or right on Windows

So, neither Photoshop nor GIMP nor any program you need to do something so simple and fast.

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