3 ways to open Settings in Windows 10

Although the classic Control Panel that existed in previous versions of Windows still exists in Windows 10, most of it has been transferred to the Settings window. Here, you will find almost all the settings you’ll need on your computer separated into 9 main categories: System, Devices, Network & Internet, Personalization, Accounts, Time & language, Ease of Access, Privacy, and Update & security.

Because many of the new Windows 10 users may not know how to open the settings window, this article will serve as the basis for the next tutorials that will be published to provide the most comprehensive information possible.

3 ways to open Settings in Windows 10

Here are 3 easy ways to open your computer’s settings window in Windows 10.

Open Settings using the Start menu shortcut

One of the simplest and fastest ways to open the computer settings window in Windows 10 is through its Start menu shortcut. Just open the menu and click on the corresponding option as shown in the picture.

3 ways to open Settings in Windows 10

Open Settings using the Action Center

Open the Action Center bar on the right side of the screen by pressing the corresponding icon, as shown below, and you will find the All settings icon which will directly open your settings window. (Note: The whole world refers it as «notification center», Microsoft keeps telling us that it’s called action center. Well, it’s actually the same feature.)

3 ways to open Settings in Windows 10

Open Settings using the Win + I keyboard shortcut

If you like keyboard shortcuts, then you might want to know that you can directly open the computer settings using the combination of the Windows key and I (Win + I).

3 ways to open Settings in Windows 10

Of course, there are even more possible ways to open the Settings in Windows 10 such as through the classic Control Panel, from Cortana, File Explorer, Windows search, the command prompt, etc. I believe that we don’t need to expand this further as the three above methods are enough for most of you.

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