Blurry font on a remote desktop connection

At home, I have a small home server where there are backups, shared folders, etc. So, as I logged in via Remote Desktop (since the server is running headless), I noticed that the font on the desktop icons and generally the whole appearance appeared “blurred” and changed as you moved the mouse pointer.

My first move was to check the Remote Desktop connection settings in the login window. In the Experience tab, there is a Font Smoothing option but it was already activated. That’s strange.

Blur font on a remote desktop connection, how to fix it

After a quick check on both my computer display settings and the home server, the blurry font problem remained. However, a few google searches later, the cause of the problem was found and we can now blame the anti-aliasing setting of my graphics card.

My computer’s graphics card is onboard, ie Intel HD Graphics, and it seems that the problem is “known” in this type of graphics cards. If you are facing a similar problem, the solution is to disable anti-aliasing setting in the graphics card settings.

Right-click on the desktop and then click Graphics Properties.

Blur font on a remote desktop connection, how to fix it

In the Intel HD Graphics Settings window, go to the 3D section.

Blur font on a remote desktop connection, how to fix it

Finally, click on Turn Off at the Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing setting and then the Apply button to save your changes.

Blur font on a remote desktop connection, how to fix it

That’s it. The blurry font in Remote Desktop Connection is restored.

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10 Comments on Blurry font on a remote desktop connection

  1. Worked for me. I was desperately looking for a solution for this problem. Tried many other suggestions without success. Thank you for sharing

  2. I’ve got another problem with remote desktop and I can’t seem to find a solution for it. The problem is that it won’t work unless I completely turn off my Firewall.

    I tried to allow it manually through the Firewall but that didn’t work. I need to completely turn off my Firewall or the remote desktop feature won’t work at all. Does anyone know what’s up with that and what I can do to fix it?

  3. Hi, I tried your steps but my remote desktop is still blurry.I recently got HP Pavalion laptop ..all my apps look good but once i login into remote desktop using the internert explore all the font and apps are blurry..i was checking with the IT support at work but they could resolve it..any advise is much appreciated

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